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Badayel House is a niche boutique production company, thriving for decency, meaning, and alternative media.

About Badayel House


Badayel House started back in 2000 in Beirut (Lebanon) as a publishing house, then ceased operation due to harsh circumstances and relocation of its founders, until 2016 when it re-emerged in Perth, Western Australia as a media production company.

In 2018:

The company released the debut Documentary of its founder Tarek Chamkhi titled G’day Cameleers, telling the story of Muslim cameleers in Australia, the pioneers of the inland from the 1860s until the 1930s.

In 2019:

The establishment of the Muslim Film Festival, the inaugural film festival and the first of its kind in Australia and the West.

In 2021:

The establishment of the International Multicultural Film Festival, the first of its kind in Western Australia.

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